I was born into a family of home builders and followed in their footsteps. I spent 45 years building homes for the home virgins to the elite home owners. I loved the look on the customers faces after I spent hours customizing and designing and building the most expensive item they would ever buy in their life.

After retiring from the stress of building wood into customs homes for 45 years, I turned my hours into the tranquil use of wood a different way wood can be appreciated. Carving and Creating works of art and gifts. The response to my projects was so positive and encouraging that I felt I found the best way to spend my retirement. Producing works of carvings for everyone to enjoy and pass down through their own families generations.

I started carving for myself and when a friend saw my work, she commissioned me to do a Stage Coach for a gift to her husband.   The gift was so well received, I gained encouragement to do more.

It took a long time but I prepared a sizeable library of work and patterns and headed out to the public to test the market. I filled the back of my one ton diesel and headed to a Farmers Market. It was a rainy and windy day which kept the fair weather people indoors. If I hadn't committed to the Market Manager I would have stayed at home too. As it turned out the few people that braved the weather showed great appreciation for my work. One lady loved what I could do, that she went home and came back with a 5' oval slice of log. She said her finance had it for years and years and thought someday he would like to do something with it. She sent it home with me to design and carve a special wedding gift for him. His response to his gift was priceless and reinforced my conviction my carvings should be shared by all.  There was a great interest in having cupboard doors carved with peoples favorite interests. So my work added on another dimension.

Ever since that first rainy, cold, windy day at the Market, my work hangs in many homes and will be "Timeless" to their owners.

I enjoyed sharing my story with you.

Let me carve a piece to represent a part of your story!